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Environmental Risk Assessment

Environmental Risk Assessment Performance

Steer Environmental Associates Ltd. specializes in the performance of human health and ecological risk assessments of contaminated sites in support of decision-making related to land remediation, development and investment/divestment. We have conducted human health and ecological risk assessments on behalf of private and public sector clients for a variety of properties including contaminated mine sites, pulp mills, saw mills, landfills, sea ports, petrochemical facilities, railway facilities, transportation facilities and shooting ranges. We are experienced in analyzing risks associated with a wide-variety of environmental contaminants including metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides and chlorinated and non-chlorinated organic compounds.

Technical Management and Support

Steer Environmental Associates Ltd. provides senior-level technical risk assessment expertise to environmental consulting/engineering firms that lack such expertise internally. We advise on the appropriateness of risk assessment as a tool for site management, assist in the development of risk assessment design, provide on-going technical support and mentorship to junior and intermediate risk assessment practitioners, and conduct risk assessment report reviews to ensure product defensibility and quality.

Third Party Review

Steer Environmental Associates Ltd. also conducts third party reviews of human health and ecological risk assessments to ensure assessment defensibility, quality and compliance with regulatory requirements.