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Asbestos Analytical Services

Analytical Services – Phase Contrast Microscopy

Steer Environmental Associates Ltd. provides on-site air monitoring and mobile analytical services for asbestos and other fibres in air by Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) to ensure clients satisfy occupational monitoring and reoccupancy requirements of WorkSafeBC.

Located in Nelson, Steer Environmental provides the Kootenay region with responsive service by AHERA-certified Qualified Professionals to conduct ambient, occupational, clean-room, monitoring and/or confirmatory air clearance for airborne hazardous materials.

Local laboratory capabilities provide clients with expedited turn-around times for results to ensure compliance with WorkSafeBC reporting requirements of 24 hours. It also provides significant shipping and analytical cost savings to clients and contractors.

Laboratory analyses are conducted in accordance with the NIOSH 7400 method by experienced laboratory analysts that are NIOSH 582 Equivalency-certified. Our laboratory technicians and methods undergo rigorous internal and external quality control to ensure accurate and efficient performance, compliant with WorkSafeBC standards and requirements.

Following completion of HazMat abatement, Steer is able to provide final clearance documentation satisfying WorkSafeBC requirements prior to subsequent renovation, demolition, or reoccupancy.