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Selkirk College Castlegar Campus Sentinel Building Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Steer Environmental completed an indoor air quality (IAQ) assessment for mould in a lecture room within the Sentinel Building located at the Selkirk College Campus in Castlegar, BC. The assessment was completed in accordance with applicable WorkSafeBC Guidelines and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR). The objective of the assessment was to investigate complaints of potential mould issues within a particular classroom of the Sentinel Building. The IAQ assessment included quantitative laboratory analysis of airborne mould concentrations and characterization of mould species present within the target lecture room relative to background concentrations. Steer Environmental identified no evidence of elevated airborne mould concentrations and particular mould species within the building with potential for adverse health effects. The absence of elevated airborne mould concentrations were corroborated with ambient relative humidity temperature field readings. Mitigative measures were recommended to Selkirk College to maintain a healthy indoor breathing environment and prevent damages to infrastructure.