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Selkirk College 10th Street Campus Annex Building Mold Assessment

Steer Environmental completed a mold assessment for the Annex Building located at the Selkirk College 10th Street Campus in Nelson, BC. The assessment was completed in accordance with applicable WorkSafeBC Guidelines and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR). The objective of the assessment was to investigate suspected mold issues within the building resulting from residual moisture sources. The mold assessment included quantitative analysis of airborne mold concentrations and characterization of mold species present within the building relative to background concentrations, in addition to tape lifts and bulk material samples submitted for laboratory analysis. Steer Environmental identified areas of elevated airborne mold concentrations and particular mold species within the building with potential for adverse health effects. Elevated airborne mold concentrations were corroborated with elevated relative humidity and dew point field readings. Moisture sources associated with mold-affected areas were identified and corrective actions proposed to mitigate human health effects and damages to infrastructure were recommended to Selkirk College.