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Instream Environmental Monitoring

Steer Environmental conducted environmental monitoring for instream works associated with the Howard Mine Mill and Tailings Remediation project adjacent the Salmo River and Porcupine Creek located south of Ymir, BC. The objective of the instream monitoring was to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and applicable best management practices (BMPs) outlined in the Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP). Instream monitoring activities were completed on behalf of the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations (the site owner) and SNC-Lavalin Environment, the site owner’s representative. Steer Environmental completed the following monitoring duties related to instream works at the site:

  • Recommending mitigation measures preventing the introduction of deleterious substances to the adjacent watercourses;
  • Recommending sediment and erosion control measures preventing sedimentation events to the adjacent watercourses;
  • Instream water quality monitoring program design incorporating linear regression of turbidity and total suspended solids (TSS);
  • In-situ monitoring of baseline field turbidity conditions prior to instream works, and monitoring of turbidity levels following work-related and precipitation-induced sedimentation events;
  • Comparing field and analytical water quality results to B.C. Ambient Water Quality Guidelines (AWQG) for turbidity and TSS;
  • Collecting water quality grab samples and submitting for laboratory analysis;
  • Water quality monitoring during installation and decommissioning of fisheries exclusion and diversion dam areas isolating the area of instream works;
  • Electro-fishing salvage activities and minnow trap recovery within the excluded instream work area to recover and relocate fish to suitable areas outside of the isolation chamber; and
  • Submission of daily monitoring reports to SNC-Lavalin Environment outlining construction activities, relevant instream works, compliance water quality monitoring results, and photo-documentation.