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Indoor Air Quality Mould Assessment – Scotty’s House Residential Care Facility

Steer Environmental completed an indoor air quality (IAQ) assessment for mould at Scotty’s house residential care facility presently owned and operated by the Ktunaxa Nation council. The objective of the IAQ assessment was to investigate whether the indoor breathing environment was compromised due to elevated airborne mould concentrations and/or potentially harmful mould species. The IAQ assessment was completed in accordance with applicable WorkSafeBC Guidelines and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR). The IAQ assessment included quantitative laboratory analysis of airborne mould concentrations and characterization of mould species present within the targeted living spaces and basement areas relative to background concentrations. Steer Environmental identified elevated airborne mould concentrations within the facility at levels potentially causing adverse health effects to occupants. The absence of elevated airborne mould concentrations were corroborated with ambient relative humidity temperature field readings. Mitigative measures were recommended to Ktunaxa Nation Council to eliminate potential moisture sources leading to elevated airborne mould concentrations, maintain a healthy indoor breathing environment, and prevent damages to infrastructure.