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Asbestos Contamination Assessment in Vermiculite Insulation

Steer Environmental completed an assessment for asbestos contamination in vermiculite insulation prior to potential transaction of a private residence located in the Fairview area of Nelson, BC. The assessment was completed in accordance with applicable WorkSafeBC Guidelines and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR). The objective of the assessment was to investigate the potential for asbestos contamination in vermiculite insulation identified in ceiling and crawlspace areas, and to estimate the volume and areal coverage of vermiculite insulation within the residence. Vermiculite samples were collected in accordance with methods and procedures proposed by WorkSafeBC, and submitted for laboratory analysis. Analytical results detected the presence of Actinolite and Tremolite asbestos contamination in the vermiculite samples, thus classifying it as asbestos-containing material (ACM) in accordance with the WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR). Steer Environmental provided guidance and recommendations to the client that a professional abatement contractor be retained to ensure safe handling and/or disposal of vermiculite insulation, and that closure sampling be completed following removal of the asbestos-contaminated insulation from the residence.